Ugly Betty: "Dress for Success" Quotes and Pics

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Last night's episode of Ugly Betty, "Dress for Success," carried the perfect balance and comedy and drama and we tried to capture the pictures and quotes that would help illustrate that.  We've got funny quotes from Marc to the romantic lines delivered between Daniel and Molly.  Here's a sample of some of our favorite pictures quotes from the episode:

The Most Divine Couple
Hilda: It's gonna be like my very own Broadway opening
Ignacio: Yea it's like Spring Awakening, Avenue Q, and South Pacific all rolled in to one
Justin: Grandpa nice
Ignacio: Hey I keep up | permalink
Marc [to Betty]: You're a mean, not so lean contact getting machine. You're the terminator, you're the Bettinator. Go get em. | permalink
Connor Helps Betty Out
Marc: This is a defining moment; I'm the first assistant who has ever been invited to a Wilhelmina Slater party
Betty: Well I'm here too
Marc: Not when I tell the story | permalink
Daniel: Molly?
Molly: You were right, I can't say I don't have feelings for you. I broke up with Conner. | permalink
Daniel and Molly Kiss

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Ugly Betty Quotes

You know exactly what [Whilemnia] is up to. Firing, scheming, looking for a puppy to kick.


Betty: Does every spread have to be women in skimpy bras?
Daniel: You're right, I haven't thought of that. Let's lose those bras please.