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Betty and the Suarez Family
Betty has started her YETI program but skipped out on the opening casual mixer in order to help Hilda set up for her grand opening.  When she arrives at YETI she gets in trouble with the editor in charge, Jodie Papadakis (Bernadette Peters), for not having met enough people in the program.  On the verge of being kicked out of the program, Betty's next assignment is to network with forty people.  She asks Marc to help her, calling in her favor of her getting him into the program, and he, along with Amanda, take her to a hotspot for her to network.  Betty has to skip out on plans with Hilda to make party favors in order to make it.

After a montage of Betty learning to network the last and 40th person she meets is Teri (Nikki Blonksy), an intern at Elle that she thinks is exactly like her.  She leaves her phone behind as she goes to the bathroom and Teri has an evil look as the scene fades.  The next day when Betty goes to pick up a custom dress from the designer (in order to get Keira Knightly to do their cover), we find out someone else already picked it up under the name Betty Suarez... it was Teri!  She stole the info from Betty's blackberry.  

Betty goes to Hilda's grand opening party but leaves early when she gets an idea on how to get the dress back.  She calls the caterer (one of the people she networked with despite Marc's disapproval), and with him and Marc she breaks into Elle's closet during their party.  In there she steals the manaquin with the dress and barely avoids Teri catching her on the way out.  With the dress they show up to Wilhelmina's party where she and Daniel let Marc and Betty stay.  At the party Betty sees Jodie and puts her cell phone on silent to ignore Hilda's calls.  After the party when she gets home and finds no one there and finally checks her phone, she sees she had eight missed calls from Hilda.  Upon calling her back she finds out Ignacio is in the hospital with a heart attack!

Daniel and Wilhelmina's Love Rectangle
Molly comes to visit Daniel at work and just as they're about to talk about what happened in the closet, Connor shows up to take her to lunch.  Wilhelmina brings Daniel into her office and shows him the DVD footage of the near kiss.  Rather than using it as blackmail, she tries to push Daniel to get with Molly so Willi can be with Connor.  Wilhelmina tells him to take Molly aside during the party to continue the converdation.

At Wilhelmina's party, Wilhelmina distracts Connor and takes him to meet some of her friends.  Daniel swoops in and takes Molly into the bedroom to pour his heart out.  After asking her to say she feels the same way too she storms out of the room.  At the end of the night, Daniel heads home to find Molly on his steps!  She broke up with Connor and the two of them kiss!  Back at Wilhelmina's apartment, she's laying alone on her couch when the door knocks.  It looks like a slightly intoxicated Connor, but he comes in and kisses her!

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Conner: I love the whole "good cop, bad cop" thing you two have going
Daniel: It's not really a thing, it's more like I'm nice and she's not
Wilhelmina: Can I help it that my balls are bigger than his
Conner: God I love this woman

Daniel: We are not going to lose to Elle again
Wilhelmina: If we do, one of you dies