Gary Unmarried Recap: "Gary's Ex-Brother-In-Law"

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Last night's episode of Gary Unmarried was a hilarious half hour that featured special guest star Matthew Lillard as Allison's brother, Taylor.  When Gary's painting company gets auditted, he's forced to call upon Taylor who's a financial whiz to help him get out of trouble.

Gary and Taylor

Apparently Taylor has always been a pompous jerk that talked down to Gary, but now that they're no longer family, how's Gary supposed to react?  Read our "Gary's Ex-Brother-in-Law" to find out what happened and enjoy some of the photos and quotes from the episode:

Taylor and the Waitress
Gary Gives Allison the Check
Gary Tries to Dress Taylor
Taylor the Painter
Jack: I'm proud of you for helping him out, son
Gary: Thanks dad
Jack: You know you have a great big oversized help
Gary: That's why I'm helping him you think?
Jack: No, it's something I keep forgetting you tell you, it's hereditary | permalink
Taylor: Can I ask you a simple business philosophy question, do you hate making money?
Gary: Yes, I hate making money
Taylor: Well then you are doing everything right. Why don't you use any of the tricks or loopholes or mechanisms I've set up for you
Gary: It's the tricks, loopholes and mechanisms that got me audited in the first place. I'm a house painter, you have my corporate headquarters in the Cayman Islands! | permalink

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Gary Unmarried Quotes

Louise: Thank you dad, you restored my faith in men
Allison: What'd he do? Wear pants to go get the mail?

Ms. St James: If we're going on a date you should call me erica
Gary: But can I call you ms St James on the date cause that's kinda hot?