When Gary's painting company is getting auditted, he tries to get Dennis' cousin to help him.  However, when the accountant finds out the audit is on Monday, he takes off, leaving Gary high and dry.  Allison suggests Gary calls her brother, Taylor, who Dennis has previously used to do his taxes.  Allison calls on his behalf and Taylor is on the next plane to LA.

Taylor arrives in Los Angeles and meets them at dinner where he procedes to make fun of Gary non-stop.  The next day, he's helping Gary with the audit and is making fun of how horribly he's running his company until Gary snaps at him and tells him he doesn't have to take it any more now that he's not family.  Taylor has a breakdown and admits he's lost it all, his job, his money, his apartment, his cars, and even his girlfriend.  Taylor refuses to leave Gary's bed or even put on pants.  Allison comes over and tells Gary he has to hire Taylor as a paint to help him get his feet  back on the ground.

The next day at the job, Taylor starts off doing horribly as a painter but by the end of the day is a whiz at it.  Gary fires him feeling he could do better than the life of a painter.  Taylor says he'll just get a job at another painting crew then, prompting Gary to rehire him.  However, when Gary pays him his day's pay, Taylor can't believe how little he made.  When Shia LeBouf calls for him, he quickly gets back on the horse and heads back to Wall Street.  He finishes Gary's audit and does such a fantastic job he causes the IRS agents to cry and even refund Gary some money.

Gary Unmarried
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Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Taylor [to Allison]: You look like you've lost 190 pounds
Allison: What?
Taylor [about Gary]: I'm talking about this guy over here!

Tom: mom, they have a hamburger that costs $23
Allison: oh
Gary: does it come with a picture of the chef laughing at you?