Timothy Hutton Previews Season Finale of Leverage

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Hutton as Nate Ford

The first season of Leverage comes to an end tonight on TNT.

Star Timothy Hutton recently spoke with TV Guide about the exciting conclusion, as well as the relationship between his character and Sophie:

How does Nate bring the team back together in the season finale?
I think in the final episode Nate is not quite sure he wants to bring the team together. I think that the team also isn't quite sure if they want to continue working with others ... they've developed kind of a wonderful family dynamic working as a team, but over the course of the first season some trust issues come up... The team sees that (Sophie)'s maybe working for her own ends.

Certain things are going to have to be expressed. Certain new ways of working together are going to have to be agreed upon. The conclusion is a very complicated and yet compelling one that will bring us nicely to a second season.

Has Sophie's betrayal derailed the romantic tension between her and Nate?

I think more of that is going to reveal itself as time goes on, and certainly in the second season we're going to learn more about the space between when they first met and when they sort of reunited. The show has kind of exposed a lot of that already, but I think there's going to be more. And I think we haven't seen the last of the Maggie character, Nate's ex-wife. I think she might come back in the mix a little bit, which might create a rather complex triangle.

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