Ugly Betty Pics from "Things Fall Apart"

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While things definitely did not work out for Betty with her last love interest, Jesse, we sure hope things turn out better for our Betty this next time around.  We're about to get introduced to Matt, a colleague at the YETI program played by guest star Daniel Eric Gold.

Daniel Eric Gold at Matt

We've have pictures of Daniel Eric Gold as Matt from "Things Fall Apart," which airs in two weeks.  Click to expand any of the following pictures.

Matt Holds Betty's Hands
Betty Closeup
Betty and Matt Talk
Betty and Matt Laugh
Betty and Matt Smile

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Ugly Betty Quotes

Daniel: One more day of hookie.
DJ: Like a prostitute?
Daniel: Woh, no prostitutes. Only when you're older. Achem, I mean, not at all son.

Betty: You know you don't always have to bring me back to Queens
Matt: Well that's where my queen lives