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Betty and Marc rush over to YETI in order to hear a speaker Marc was looking forward to.  However, after that speaker bailed, they're treated to an extremely boring accountant who talks about the current economic situation.  The students are then assigned to study their magazines' budgets.  Matt approaches Betty and asks her out to drinks to talk "numbers," if you catch our drift.  Betty goes down to accounting at Mode and disovers Henry's nameplate is still there and his co-workers say he's moved on to a new girl Samantha and has pictures of them on vacation on Facebook.  Betty gets the books and after drowning herself in them to not think about Henry, she discovers there's a problem.

Betty goes to tell Conner, who's in Wilhelmina's office, and is quickly brushed off.  Betty then talks to Marc and Amanda who convince her to ask out Matt. Conner then makes an emergency phone call to do a quick transfer.  He's totally embezzling.  Betty goes to have dirnks with Matt to discuss "numbers," and she gets a Facebook friend request from Henry.  After drinks Matt tells her he forgot his wallet and she goes to withdraw money from the aTM and sees she has $100,000 in there now!  Despite Hilda trying to convince her to keep it, Betty goes down to accounting the next day to inform them and they say the transfers have Betty's name all over it.

Betty then goes to talk to Conner in the elevator and he admits to doing it and blackmails her wit the money she has.  Conner then goes and confesses to Wilhelmina and asks her to take all the money with him and skip town.  Betty goes to get Daniel who calls in his mom.  Wilhelmina, meanwhile, is seriously contemplating skipping town and asks Marc for advice.  The next day, Daniel and Claire have an emergency meeting when all accounts have been drained.  Claire, Daniel and Betty find out from Marc where Wilhelmina is meeting Marc and head to the airport to stop them.  

When they arrive, Wilhelmina is about to board the plane.  The three cannot believe Wilhelmina would sell out the company and wasn't even going to bring her child to leave the country, thinking she's such a monster she only wanted the kid for Mode control.  Meanwhile, Wilhelmina tells them they're ruining her plan and the cop sirens go off in the distance.  Conner calls her and says he took an earlier flight and wished she was gonna come and can't believe she chose the magazine over him.  Wilhelmina then tries to convince Betty she's just like her, a career woman and you can't have both personal and professional lie.

The episode ends with Molly telling Daniel she has cancerand is dying and can't drag him down with her.  Ready to prove Wilhelmina wrong, Betty then confirms her friendship with Henry on Facebook and joins Matt for drinks.

Meanwhile, Ignacio was depressed at home as Elena took a trip out to California and they were apart for the first time in their new relationship.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

You know what I like to do when I'm trying to get my mind off something or someone? I channel it into a project. Hello, you think I really care about macrame? Okay, bad example because I love macrame!


Marc: You better carry your own weight, Suarez
Betty: That's it? you're not gonna make a fat joke? We're progressing!
Marc: It was right there! Owell, next time