Kings Recap: "Prosperity"

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How do you follow up the amazing two hour premiere that Kings had?  Simple, you deliver a follow episode that raises even more questions than it answered.

The second episode of Kings may not have had all the action of the premiere, but it certainly helped explained some of the history of the nation, bringing in old countries its conquered and describing why the war between Gath and Gilboa was even started.

The Gath Premiere and General

The episode was also loaded with plenty of drama with Silas trying to have David killed, Silas' scheming brother-in-law William pulling out his money from Gilboa, the young punk Jack going on a shopping spree, and the lovely Michelle revealing she has a secret that David will not like.

Find out everything that happened in our detailed "Prosperity" recap.

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Kings Quotes

Soldier: Your mother makes the best brownies, what's in these man?
David: Guilt

David: I can't charge you for a piece of tape
Reverand Samuels: It's your time I owe you for