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As previously reported, 24 alumna Reiko Aylesworth makes her debut on Lost tonight as the pregnant woman named Amy in "LaFleur."  TV Guide recently interviewed Aylesworth and she gave them spoiler-filled responses for your enjoyment. The following is a small excerpt from the interview:

TVGuide.com: Do we know who the father is?
Aylesworth: Following that [first episode], you do find out who the father is.

TVGuide.com: Might Amy be giving birth to someone... "special"?
Aylesworth: I will say yes, it's a special person. And you eventually find out who — but not in that first episode.

Amy and Juliet

TVGuide.com: Might the castaways not want Amy to give birth to this person?
Aylesworth: They don't know at this point who... well, what the stakes are. My character really draws them into a new world, I will say that. That's mainly what she is for, taking them to that point where they have to decide [about interfering with the past].

TVGuide.com: Does the ending involve the hooded woman Sawyer uncovers in the promo?
Aylesworth: No, that's not at the end. There are so many reveals in this. This episode opens up many cans of worms. [The hooded woman] leads into the whole shift in the storyline. But then the end is very cool, too. It widens the scope of the show even more, which is hard to believe! It's game-changing.

There's even more Lost spoilers in the full interview.

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