Lost Spoilers: What's to Come for Relationships

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When you come here looking for Lost spoilers we know what you want.  Sure we could give you answers to all the Island's unanswered question, but we'd far rather focus on the relationships.

Or maybe that's all Kristin Dos Santos' latest Lost coming soon gave us the ammo to do.  Here's what we got:

  • Juliet & Sawyer - Going strong through season five.  Expect to see a lot more of this out-of-left-field pairing through the year.
  • Juliet & Jack - Not in season five
  • Sawyer & Kate - Over the next few episodes all they'll be doing is getting under each others' skin, not clothes
  • Jack & Kate - The original couple will still have each others' backs, but that's it for this season
  • Jin & Sun - They may not re-unite until the finale, but the word is that rumored wedding is a flashback to theirs
Sawyer and Juliet

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