Source: "Edgier" Jillian Harris Coming to The Bachelorette

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Will the sweet, kind and genuine Jillian Harris who sought Jason Mesnick's love on The Bachelor be replaced by a man-eating, manipulative tease when she becomes Canada's first star of The Bachelorette this spring?

An insider tells OK! that Jillian is “getting her edge on” before filming starts later this month and that we may see a naughty side of her that's surprising.

“Everyone who saw Jillian got the idea that she is a goody-two-shoes,” the source says. “They will reveal that she’s capable of creating controversy."

"The producers would love it if The Bachelorette ends as dramatically as The Bachelor.” We're sure they would. And who are we kidding, so would we.

Jillian Harris, Jason Mesnick Pic

ROLE REVERSAL: Jillian Harris will be turning the tables as The Bachelorette.

Jillian Harris, a 29-year-old interior designer, was a fan favorite on The Bachelor, but a source says she may not be a fan favorite by the time she’s down to her final choice, since it’s all about ratings (maybe you noticed).

“You may see her lying to the guys, misleading them about what she’s really looking for," says the insider. We're certainly curious if this is true.

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