Ugly Betty Recap: "A Mother of a Problem"

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Last night's Ugly Betty not only saw the return of the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, as Councilman Archie, but also introduced us to Matt's mother, Victoria, played by the incredible Christine Baranksi.

Betty and Victoria

Sounds like the epiosde was perfection, right?  Well, actually, we felt ourselves a little underwhelmed as nothing really happened.  You can read a short "A Mother of a Problem" recap as a result.

At least we could rely on Marc and Amanda for some solid quotes:

Marc: Willy, selling your possessions? Isn't that one rung above appearing on a reality show? | permalink
Betty: I am not a gold digger, I don't care about Matt's money
Amanda: ...and cut, print, Oscar! Don't change a word, you nailed it. | permalink

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Ugly Betty Quotes

You know exactly what [Whilemnia] is up to. Firing, scheming, looking for a puppy to kick.


Betty: Does every spread have to be women in skimpy bras?
Daniel: You're right, I haven't thought of that. Let's lose those bras please.