Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Gale Harold Discusses Return

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As we previously announced, Gale Harold is returning to Desperate Housewives on May 3rd as Susan's ex, Jackson.  Harold had suffered serious injuries from a motorcycle accident, but is now fully recovered and ready to come back to Wisteria Lane.

Recently the hunky actor discussed his return to Desperate Housewives with TV Guide Magazine and we have a small excerpt of the interview as it pertains to the show:

Why is Jackson returning to Wisteria Lane?
He’s back to try to rekindle their connection—whatever is left of it. He has a very important question for Susan.

Gale Harold

What has Jackson been doing all this time?
He was pursuing his dream of working in a school as an art teacher. He’s been away, but realizes he needs Susan and needs to talk to her about things.

Word is when Jackson returns he will have to contend with Dave, who has his own intentions for Susan. Should we be worried about Jackson’s future?
Anytime you’ve got somebody like Dave Williams walking up and down the street, you’ve got to be worried about everybody. There are a number of bad scenarios that could take place. I have a scene with Dave and Orson where I’m thanking Dave for saving my butt from burning to death in the fire. But then Jackson realizes, “Wait a minute. You didn’t really save my ass, did you?” So it’s sets up the question of whether Jackson will realize that Dave actually locked him in the bathroom. It still remains to be seen whether Jackson will be around for the season finale.

You can read more about his recovery and the accident in the rest of the interview at TV Guide Magazine.

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