Desperate Housewives: Eva Longoria Expresses Interest in Revival

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If a Desperate Housewives revival ever gets the green light, Eva Longoria would be one of the first stars to sign on.

In a recent interview with Radio Times, the Gabrielle Solis star shared that the 2012 series finale was the perfect ending to allow the show to resume at some point.

"We ended the series with [Gaby] going off to start her own business. So I'd love to pick up and see like how she's grown that business," the star shared.

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"Is she, you know, Kris Jenner? Just fabulous and flying all over the world and managing all of these businesses.

"I would love to think up and see where her children are and what are they doing, and how did they turn out?" she added.

Longoria said that having over 20 episodes each year for eight seasons meant that creator Marc Cherry had exhausted all the storylines he could.

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"I think because you know back then, we did eight years of 24 episodes. I mean that's a lot. Now you get a series with six episodes or five episodes," she explained.

"We had so many episodes per year that [creator Marc Cherry] felt like he exhausted every storyline, like I couldn't sleep with one more person on that street."

In this reboot and the revival-obsessed world, it would make sense to revisit these characters at some point, but the bigger question would be the format of it all.

A movie with a self-contained plot may be the bigger draw, but a limited run season spanning fewer than ten episodes might also work.

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The series also starred Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, and Marcia Cross and was one of the biggest hits on the air when it was on.

It kicked off the same season as Lost and Grey's Anatomy for ABC, giving the network three of the biggest shows on the small screen at the time.

At the time the show ended its eight-season run it was still a strong performer for the network, but with Disney owning it, a return would likely be on Hulu.

What are your thoughts on a potential comeback for the series?

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Do you think it would be right, or do you think the fact that all the housewives left Wisteria Lane would make it too difficult?

Hit the comments below.

Desperate Housewives is available to stream on Hulu.

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