Tamara Taylor Previews Bones Episode

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One important fact gleaned by this week's TV Guide interview with Bones star Tamara Taylor:

  • The show will run new episodes on Wednesday, as well as Thursday, during the weeks of April 13 and April 20.

File that away, fans.

As for tonight's new episode, the focus will be on Taylor's Camille, as her former fiance turns up dead, in an especially gruesome manner.

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The actress dished on that storyline in the article, while also providing insight into her character. A few excerpts:

Q: Being a former cop, does Cam get to work the case?
A: We get called in after the body is found during a fundraiser at the zoo. When we get the body back to the Jeffersonian, we do our normal prelim examination until Angela comes up and says, "I've ID'd him. And this is his name." Cam is beyond caught off guard, and insists that she be a part of the investigation. It was really interesting how they wrote it because we don't see Cam break very often. This time, throughout the whole episode she tries to hold it together, but it is not easy.

Q: What else might we learn about Cam in this episode?
A: We never flushed out what Booth and Cam's [past romantic] relationship was about, so a lot of fans assumed that it was a big relationship for Cam. But what we find out is that this [deceased guy] was actually the love of her life.

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