Vanessa Williams Dishes Ugly Betty Spoilers

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Ugly Betty finally returns from its hiatus tonight with a new episode, "Rabbit Test," and to celebrate we have a slew of Ugly Betty spoilers courtesy of ones of its stars, Vanessa Williams.

Vanessa recently revealed to E! Online, that her character, Wilhelmina, may have thought she was the biological mother of her baby William, "but it turns out that it's not what it appears. And it jeopardizes Wilhelmina's standing at the company, and her livelihood is at stake"

Williams goes on to say, "But she is a fighter, and she will continue to hold her ground and stay at the top no matter what threats are made and what consequences happen."

Wilhelmina Holds an Earring

Williams says that her baby gets kidnapped in the following episode, "The Born Identity" on May 7th.  Though Williams reveals, "That gets resolved rather quickly.  It goes in a different direction, and she doesn't end up being a mommy for long."

So without baby William to guarantee her position at Meade, what will the manipulative Wilhelmina do?  Vanessa says, "My next blackmail up is Claire Meade.  Yes, it's back to Claire again. I get more dish on her."

Willaims goes on to explain, "The angles in which [my character] tries to deceive and connive are hilarious and funny, and the situations that she puts herself into are outside the box. There is a scene where she sings with Christine Baranski's character while fishing for information from her."

Williams then discusses the May 14th episode, "In the Stars," in which two proposals are made and one comes to a wedding.  Williams confirms that, "Betty and Matt are not the ones walking down the aisle, though Matt is in the finale. And, it's not Hilda and Archie."  Oh and she also mentioned that "Adele sings at the wedding."

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