Bill Lawrence Discusses Scrubs Season Nine

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With ABC renewing Scrubs for a ninth season after its very perfect "My Finale" episode, what does series creator Bill Lawrence have planned for us?

Well first, Lawrence defended to his decision to Ausiello by saying, "There are 107 people that work on that show.  I've worked with them for eight years now. If there's a chance for everybody to work another year, my attitude, business-wise, is 'legacy-schmegacy.'"

Lawrence continues, "I couldn't give a f--k, to tell you the truth. I thought the first eight years of Scrubs was great. I'm super proud of it. There's absolutely nothing that could possibly happen that could change that.."

Sacred Heart Says Goodbye

Lawrence identifies that, "On the creative side, some people are like, 'It should end on a high note creatively. It shouldn't be something that taints our memory.' And I get that. [But the other] 50 percent of the people are like, 'Oh my god, I'm so glad to have a show back that I care about.'"

Bill reacts, "The way to bridge that gap is I've got to consider Scrubs over. The way that I'm viewing it is the way Frasier was to Cheers: It'll be essentially a new show with some characters that people liked."

As for whether Sarah Chalke will take over J.D.'s duties at Sacred Heart, Lawrence replies, "I would've had Sarah in a heartbeat.  I think she's got enough going on in her career [right now]."

As for her still appearing, Lawrence guesses, "I'd say it's 50-50 she's in some episodes. I know she'll at least be in one or two."

However, Lawrence has recently tossed around the idea of Turk teaching at med school and ABC has passed on Donald Faison's comedy pilot The Law.

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