Scrubs Series Finale Recap: "My Finale"

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While Scrubs may have a ninth season in some fashion, the show as we know it had its series finale last night with "My Finale."  J.D. spent his final day at Sacred Heart questing for the goodbyes he always wanted.

Sacred Heart Says Goodbye

Meanwhile, the interns were passed off to Cox, Elliot was sneak moving into J.D.'s, and Turk accidentally said his huge goodbye to J.D. at the start of the day.

Find out how everything ended in the tear-jerker Scrubs season (and most likely series) finale of Scrubs with our "My Finale" recap.

J.D. and Turk Say Goodbye
Carla and Elliot Get Close
Cox and Jordan Read
Glen Matthews, the Janitor

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I think there's a tchotchke in my bum.


Janitor: Ah! I wanna see that engagement ring.
Jeweler: That costs ten thousand dollars.
Janitor: I got twelve bucks.