Eventually Coming to Bones: A Baby for Brennan

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Bad news, Bones viewers:

Not only did Bones and Booth not actually have sex at the end of last season, star Emily Deschanel says the pair is unlikely to conceive a baby any time soon.

"There are complications along the way of [Temperance and Booth] discussing having children," Deschanel told E! News last week. "I think it's very possible she will be pregnant in the future, but I don't think its going to happen right away. I think she has some growing to do.

"Everyone is aware that once you get the two characters together you lose that glue that holds the show together, which is that sexual tension," she said. "I think they are being very careful about how to move forward without destroying that tension."

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In exciting guest-starring news, though, Deschanel said she's trying to work out a role for her famous sister.

"[Zooey] is interested in being on the show, and I know [Bones executive producer] Hart Hanson would love to have her on the show. It's just a matter of finding time where she's available. It's very difficult because she's always working as an actor or touring as a musician or recording. She's very busy. So just getting the time together to get her to work on Bones has been difficult, but hopefully by the end we will have her on the show."."

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Hodgins: Where's your chest hair?
Booth: I'm highly evolved!
Brennan: His pubic extension is entirely within normal --
Booth: Okay! Enough!

Brennan: I have to remove your clothing now.
Booth: Why?
Brennan: Well, there may be particulates.
Booth: Particulates.
Brennan: Evidence for Hodgins and flesh for Cam.

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