Sasha Petrovic Speaks on Bachelorette Dismissal

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Sasha Petrovic, who became the first dude sacked by Jillian Harris on a one-on-one date this season on The Bachelorette, had some interesting thoughts about the show, its star and the remaining guys vying for her heart.

Some excerpts from his postmortem conference call yesterday ...

On Jillian: "She's a cute girl, but not that attractive up front. Personality was really nice and sweet, but nice and sweet, that only gets you so far."

On Juan: "The whole house was against him. It was like instantaneous. Everyone was on it, but David just hates the guy. He's like, 'He's a snake. He's this he's that.' He will bury himself. Everyone thought Juan was a spy."

On David: "His dad had three heart attacks [by age] 50, so it just runs in the family. Some things just bug you. Dave just has a personal mission to almost destroy [Juan] and just make sure he doesn't move forward."

The Bachelorette: Sasha

On Wes: "Wes is an entertainer. Let's say he's there for the honest reason; he's going to get publicity for his music career anyway. He's a smart guy. I don't think he came on The Bachelorette just for that reason."

On Kiptyn and Ed: "If I had to put money on one guy [to win], it would almost be a coin toss between Kiptyn and probably Ed. I think her and Ed see eye-to-eye; he does have a different sense of humor, a little dryer."

"And Kiptyn also seems like a pretty safe bet. He's an older guy. He lives on the West Coast as well. He's the guy that never does anything bad, but never does anything to differentiate himself."

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