Supernatural Season Five Spoilers from Jensen Ackles

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Eric Kripke's vision for Supernatural will be coming to a close this season as Dean and Sam prepared to take on their apocalypse.  So just what will the boys roles be in the upcoming battle?

Jensen Ackles (Dean) recently told E! Online that he imagines the boys will have a crucical, but not necessarily pivotal role in the war.

Jensen says, "Are Dean and Sam really that important that they're going to be the focal point of this apocalypse? Or are they just going to be caught in the crossfire, trying to use whatever they can to help fight for the good?"

Dean Leans on a Casket

Jensen's theory is that, "I think it's going to be more of this big, gigantic thing going on and we're stuck in the middle. I don't think we're necessarily going to be the focal point of anybody's hunt. We're going to lend whatever help we can to Castiel and the angels to do their job."

As far as Sam's blood thirst playing a role in the fifth season, Jesen says, "The demon stuff is still coursing through his veins, and he's got that to deal with. The season finale ended with the big, giant realization that he was being duped into becoming what he didn't want to be. So now he's got to deal with that and try to get back to neutral."

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