Beth Riesgraf Previews Character Arc on Leverage

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On Leverage, Beth Riesgraf stars as master thief Parker.

In an interview with The Boston Herald, the actress dished on her character, explaining to fans what they can look forward to on the second season of the TNT hit.

"The throughline for Parker this season is that now that she’s comfortable around this group and she’s decided that she needs them in her life, the next step for her is acclimating herself and having a group of friends and people she can trust and how she deals with that,” she said.

Beth Riesgraf as Parker

Viewers, of course, wanna know if Parker and her partner-in-crime Alec Hardison will follow through on the mutual attraction that played out during the show’s initial season.

“People really want them to get together,” she said. “But if they did, people would be really disappointed. If it happens too fast, it doesn’t work. I think that the writers are being really smart about it. There’s enough there to play with and they definitely have chemistry, but you have to ride this one out, I think.”

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Alec: I'm just very good at what I do.
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