Laurel Kagay: Just Friends with Wes Hayden

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Wes Hayden's mystery "girlfriend" from The Bachelorette has surfaced - and says Jillian Harris has nothing to worry about as far as being two-timed.

Laurel Kagay sat in shock at home as ousted Jake Pavelka returned to the show to rat out Wes for being in a relationship while on the ABC show.

“I was like, ‘What?’” Laurel told People in an interview today. “There was this pause before he said my name. Then he said it quite a few times.”

But Laurel Kagay, owner of Peach Body Boutique in Austin, Tex., says she and Wes are just friends: “I’m absolutely not with Wes, nor would I be if he were going on a show to be with another girl,” she says. “That’s absolutely crazy.”

Wes Hayden
Laurel Kagay

As for the confusion, she did admit that “I think Wes did say something about his ex-girlfriend. Maybe he said he still cares about me or whatever."

"Maybe Jake blew that into something else. We are good friends and do go out to lunch together, so I can see how people could think we’re together.”

Amazingly, Laurel is also linked to another famous name in The Bachelor franchise - Brad Womack, who chose no one on his season finale.

They dated for four years, Laurel says. Wow.

Oh, and finally, Laurel Kagay has also dated Collin Evans, who was briefly a contender on The Bachelorette season starring Jen Schefft.

Sounds like she has a reality TV-fame seeking type!

What do you think? In light of this revelation from Laurel, do you see Wes differently? Should Jillian Harris choose this "bad boy" singer?

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