Lost Season Six Spoilers, Scoop from Comic-Con Panel

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As expected, the Lost panel was as popular as any other show or movie at last week's Comic-Con festival in San Diego.

The cast and crew members in attendance didn't disappoint, either, offering up key clues and hints about what's to come on season six. Let's get right to it!

  • Juliet and Faraday will play roles¬† in season six.
  • There will be significant backstory on Richard Alpert; the actor that plays him, Nestor Carbonel (pictured)l, has been promoted to series regular.
  • Producer Carlton Cuse said the flashbacks in season six would take a "different approach."
  • Cast and crew guaranteed a season that will somewhat resemble season one, in terms of jungle adventure, emotional resonance, and a sense of discovery.¬†
  • In response to a fan question about Jacob, producers said the character has never taken on the form of another person.
Richard Alpert

Meanwhile, as part of The Vampire Diaries panel, Ian Somerhalder stammered when asked about a return to Lost, but the following words did leave his lips:

I am going to be coming back.

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