Melody Thomas Scott Resigns with The Young and the Restless

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That was close.

After a series of tense contract negotiations, Melody Thomas Scott has signed a new contract with The Young and the Restless.

Following a vacation, the actress will return to the CBS series on which she's starred for 30 years and appear in episodes that are likely to start airing in late August or early September.

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Scott spoke with TV Guide Magazine about the contentious contract talks, as well as the future of her character, Nikki. A couple excerpts:

On contract negotiations: Negotiations are a necessary evil and are always very bizarre. I guess maybe with me more so than other actors. I don’t know why that is. It’s the nature of the world I’ve chosen to live in.

On her on-air return: I’m going to take advantage of this overdue breather and have a little “me” time, travel a little bit, get reacquainted with my family and friends. I finished shooting just last Thursday [July 2]. And I really have to hand it to the writers. Nobody knew how this [contract situation] was going to end so they very cleverly figured out a way to get me off the show.

I never say stuff like this, but I have been so knocked out, so impressed with the writing of the episodes that air the first week of August. That week is not to be missed. It’s an amazing ride - grueling but really satisfying - and the writers did terrific work. Not just with my story but the whole show that week. You cannot miss it.

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