Weeds Recap: "Van Nuys"

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On this episode of Weeds, a series of developments took place:

  • Alanis Morisette debuted as Dr. Audra Kitson
  • Andy opened up more about his feelings and has disgusting sex in front of defecating homeless men;
  • Nancy moved out.

Read our complete recap of "Van Nuys" right now.

Dr. Audra Kitson

Andy also uttered two of his funniest Weeds quotes of the season last night. Both were references to abortion, oddly enough...

Andy: We used to call [getting an abortion] "going to Van Nuys." Probably because the clinic was located in Van Nuys. | permalink

Andy: Your kid has a one in five chance of being Autistic - and I don't mean the cool kind of Autistic. | permalink

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