What the Heck Did the Mystery Woman Say on Weeds?

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Kate del Castillo made quite an impression on Weeds viewers this week when she debuted as Pilar Guzman, a Mexican drug lord that will clearly cause a problem for Nancy and Esteban.

To close the episode "A Modest Proposal," the character stormed into Esteban's mansion, screamed at Nancy's baby daddy and then left. When Nancy asked what was going on, her fiance replied that they can no longer get married.

A Confrontation on Weeds

So, what did del Castillo actually say? We've basically translated the outburst. Check it out:

Pilar: Esteban, what do you think you're doing? You've gone far enough, don't you think? It's one thing to have an adventure with a b*tch gringa... until you end up having a child with her... but marrying her? Are you crazy? All of the eyes of Mexico are watching you. All of my expectations, my work, my money, my time is invested in you. You should've killed the b*tch gringa when you had the chance.
Esteban: Are you saying I have to pick between you and Nancy?
Pilar: No, you have to choose between yourself and the gringa.

In other words: there are people much higher up on the drug lord food chain than Esteban. And it's safe to say they don't like Nancy very much.

We'll have to tune in next week to see where this goes.

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