David Boreanaz Dishes on Fate of Seeley Booth

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Yes, Seeley Booth will likely recover from the brain injury he suffered to conclude season four of Bones.

After all, Fox has renewed the show up for two more seasons.

But how will the agent's surgery affect his behavior when the series returns in September?

"It's an interesting thing that's going to happen," David Boreanaz told reporters on Friday when the summer TV press tour visited the Bones set. "What I really want to maintain with the arc with him... is that he does have a remembrance of certain things, but he's not as adept at other things as he thought he was."

Such as?

"Whether it's knowing how to interrogate someone, and he doesn't do a certain thing and [Brennan is] looking at me going, 'This is what you usually do,' and I'm just a tad slow on that - those are the little nuances they kind of discover," the actor added.

Bones Team

Speaking of Brennan, how will the new Booth react to his partner?

Boreanaz said this setback might actually help their relationship in the long run.

"It makes me want to reinviest my time and energy into that relationship," he said. "Because I don't remember certain things, now we're back to ground zero."

Bones will return on September 19.

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