Fringe Recap: "A New Day in the Old Town"

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Following the must buzzed-about season finale on television, Fringe returned this week with a new episode, a new FBI agent and a new mystery to solve.

The Fox drama also bid farewell to a series regular. Kind of. Sort of. But probably not really, considering those pesky parallel dimensions and the way this show works.

We've got a full recap of "A New Day in the Old Town." It's a must-read for anyone missed the episode or wants to review any of its key points.

Peter and Amy Jessup

Among our favorite Fringe quotes from the hour were...

Walter: Its funny. I love custard, but I hate flan. Which could be an issue of semantics. Or difficulty with the French. Which I doubt, given my near obsession with moules a la creme normande. | permalink
Walter: Peter! Peter! They said I can ride in the back with the body. Can I?
Peter: Sure. Of course you can. Stay out of the medications, though. Please. | permalink
Broyles: You surprise me, Mr. Bishop.
Peter: Thanks. | permalink
Walter: You know, there's something you don't know about me, Son.
Peter: What's that? That once you enter a grocery store, you never leave again? Ever? | permalink

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Fringe Quotes

Walter: It's a beautiful name.
Astrid: What is?
Walter: Astrid.

(Laughs) You electrocuted me.


Fringe Music

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Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear mr fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
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