Greek Recap: "Down on Your Luck"

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On Greek tonight, it seemed like everyone was feeling a little lackluster - the ZBZ pledges are dragging down the sorority's image, Evan was bummed about needing a new job to pay for his house dues, and Jordan is feeling lost, needing something to look forward to.

Despite the negative tone,  problem-solving has never been so easy as at Cypress Rhodes University.  Once again Greek delivers a feel-good episode that is sure to lift everyone's spirits.

Check out the recap of "Down on Your Luck" for all the details!

Jake McDorman, Greek

Check out the latest Greek quotes below:

Evan: You know, I almost punched a guy in there because he asked for more gravy?
Cappie: That sounds like a worthy fight to me! | permalink
Casey: We may be November, but we're still July in spirit. | permalink
Ashley: Hey, I'm working with a budget here, and it was between a new sprinkler system or the new flat screen TV.
Casey: And you chose the TV?
Ashley: Well, I didn't know it was between our safety and Dancing with the Stars in high def! | permalink
Laura: Hell to the no! I'm not in a number 4 sorority! | permalink
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