Sons of Anarchy: Where Does It Go From Here?

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Yes, that really happened on Sons of Anarchy last night.

The FX drama returned for a second season with the most disturbing scene in show history (and that's saying a lot): Gemma was gang raped by a white separatist group.

Where can the series possibly go from here? E! News spoke to creator Kurt Sutter, as well as a number of Sons of Anarchy stars, about the direction of season two...

Will Gemma get revenge? "Perhaps... on many levels," Sutter mysteriously said, adding: "I always felt like there's a fascination with [the biker] world, people really love the freedom of it, the sexiness of it, the power of it, but that ultimately the violence doesn't happen in a vacuum and karmically, that s--t comes around. And that's why I chose to do what I did in the premiere.

However, I will say that it is the emotional catalyst for the season, and that it will all make sense, and that the scales will be balanced.... And let me put it this way, it would take an event such as that to put Gemma on any kind of spiritual quest."

Run, Jax!

When will the rapists get killed? Said guest star Henry Rollins:"Something awful has to happen to someone as awful as me, but I'm on that need-to-know basis, so I have no idea. Every time, I look at an episode and I'm still in it, and I'm still breathing at the end, I'm like, yeah!"

What about Clay and Jax? Let's ask the men that portray them: "The entire second season is a kind of 'come to Jesus' for Clay and the way he goes about taking care of business. There's a palpable tension between Clay and Jax," said Ron Perlman.

And Charlie Hunnam: "I start slowly and subtly with Clay because I think that there's going to be a smarter way to do it, and that I'm going to manipulate him and outwit him and expose him for what he is, but it turns out he's been doing this a long time, and he's got a few tricks of his own, so that manipulation doesn't fully work and that results in great frustration for me, so the more futile my efforts become, the more brazen they become.”

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