The Beautiful Life Recap: "The Beautiful Aftermath"

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The second episode of The Beautiful Life featured Chris struggling (again) to adjust to the fast-paced world of NYC modeling, while sparks continued to fly with Raina.

Meanwhile, Isaac got himself in even deeper with Vivienne and their "arrangement," as Sonja struggled to keep her secret from the press, then opened up to Cole.

What else went down on last night's episode of The Beautiful Life: TBL? Is the program showing any promise or do you think it's on the fast track to cancellation? 

Read our episode guide to "The Beautiful Aftermath" and tell us what you think ...

Cole and Sonja

Cole and Sonja are pretty much the stars of the modeling world.

Among our favorite The Beautiful Life quotes from the evening were...

Cole: [to Chris] If you're looking for compliments, you're in the wrong business. I was once told I was too tall, too short, too fat and too thin all in the same day. | permalink
Isaac: I need three thousand dollars.
Vivienne: How seriously?
Isaac: Very seriously. | permalink
Cole: You only have one chance to get this right. I can set you up with the right photographer.
Chris: Why should I trust you?
Cole: Because I like Raina. And for whatever reason she seems to like you.
Chris: Make the call. | permalink
Raina: Maybe you can stay in my room tonight ...
Chris: On the floor?
Raina: There's only one way to find out. | permalink

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The Beautiful Life Quotes

Chris: Everyone who lives here's a model?
Raina: Crazy right? You okay?
Chris: Yeah, it's just, everything's moving kinda fast.
Raina: Welcome to New York.

Don't you dare feel sorry for me. This'll be you in a few years. Just you wait.