30 Rock Quotes: "Into the Crevasse"

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Last night on 30 Rock, Liz became a published author ... but not everyone was as enamored with the release of Dealbreakers as she. An angry bookstore employee in the opening moments foreshadowed trouble for L-squared. Insane trouble, Tracy style.

Do not underestimate the crazy (or the porn stars) that man brings to the table. Ditto for Jenna, who's willing to do whatever it takes to remain annoying relevant.

Meanwhile, Jack was forced to go at it with his old nemesis Devon Banks, who found himself chairing a U.S. Senate committee investigating ... small appliances.

It made absolutely no sense, but this is 30 Rock, so we'll excuse it ... and besides, whatever they have to do to bring Will Arnett back in the fold works for us!

A Liz Beatdown

Faux Liz Lemon gets a bookstore beatdown.

Follow the link for a detailed recap of "Into the Crevasse." As always, there were more classic 30 Rock quotes than we can even count, but here are a few choice ones:

Jack: This isn't the auto industry, Pete. The auto industry was run by a bunch of out of touch white guys selling consumers a product they didn't want. We're GE dammit, and we're going to make a giant, flimsy microwave. | permalink
Devon: After the election, I could have had an ambassadorship to any country I wanted, even the gayest country. Ireland. | permalink
Devon: I knew I had to align myself with something more powerful than GE, and since American Idol's not on 'til January that left the United States government. | permalink
Kenneth: As mom used to say, you can't eat love. | permalink
Tracy: A book hasn't caused this much trouble since Where's Waldo went to that barber pole factory. | permalink
Jenna: I don't know if you saw the crawl on the TV Guide Channel, but I've agreed to star in a sexy supernatural thriller, in the vein of Twilight and True Blood. | permalink
Jenna: This is actually a werewolf picture that for tax purposes is shooting in Iceland. | permalink
Jack: Your President, who by the way is Kenyan and smokes cigarettes, has created an industry task force for microwaves and small appliances. | permalink
Jack: [blurb for Liz's book] Lemon numbers among my employees. | permalink

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Jenna: Jack, can we talk, one ten to another?
Jack: I'm an eleven, but continue.

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