Bored to Death Review: "The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer"

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Once Jonathan meets the blackmailer, we know something is going to go down, and in fact Jonathan did - and from the looks of it, he did it good! 

George and Ray finally meet and hit it (and the pipe) off well. Unfortunately for Jonathan, the blackmailer's brother comes in and forces (by taser) Jonathan to pay up. Too bad George and Ray are both too stoned out of their minds to be able to help.

George is the instant classic one liner guy. Everything he says and does is quite funny..oh what it must be like to be an over the hill rich man with nothing to do. No wonder he sticks to Jonathan like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm.

Jonathan's inability to really grasp reality keeps George's idle mind happy. While we wait to see Ray's character truly beak out, it is funny to see him being the one who is the most level headed.  Having the three of them together is pure comic gold.

Somehow the three guys are able to get back the money and the tapes, but end up getting arrested. How you ask? Read our recap of, "The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer" to find out!

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After reading our recap, check out some funny marijuana inducing quotes! Some of our favorites:

George: I really don't have an oppinion, I'm too stoned to think, but I'm having a good time. | permalink

George: No thank you, I'm still stoned - that was really good pot. | permalink

Ray: You smoke pot?
George: Since the 60s. | permalink

George - I don't know, I am on marijuana time. | permalink

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