Bored to Death Season 1

"Take a Dive"

The first season of Bored to Death comes to an end this week. The episode is titled "Take a Dive." All three main characters are asked to "Take a Dive". Which one does? Read our recap to find out!

"The Case of the Stolen Sperm "

With Jonathan's help, Ray tries to find the missing lesbian couple. Although Jonathan warned George not to, George publishes a hateful article about his ex-wife's new husband.

"The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer"

A woman who is both beautiful and deceptive blackmails a man into paying her $500 a week. It is up to Jonathan to find this woman and get back the video evidence. With the help of both George and Ray, Jonathan's private eye skills heat up!

"The Case of the Lonely White Dove"

A recently-paroled Russian hirs Jonathan to search for the object of his infatuation. As a result, ae checks out the bar where she sings and convinces Suzanne, Ray, and Leah to have dinner there the following night without revealing his main intention.

"The Case of the Stolen Skateboard"

On this week's episode of Bored to Death, Jonathan is hired to reclaim a client's sons stolen skateboard from the neighborhood bully, as Ray assists a lesbian couple that wants to start a new family. Meanwhile, George tries to woo a publicist at the opening of a new restaurant in Brooklyn.

"The Case of the Missing Screenplay"

While attending a New York film event George introduces Jonathan to a filmmaker. Later, he goes out with a party girl and leaves the script at her home, which happens to be a shrink's office. Jonathan asks Ray to pose as a patient to recover the script.

"The Alanon Case"

On the second episode of Bored to death, Jonathon attempt to fix things with Suzanne. His new client is a woman who asks Jonathan to find out if her boyfriend is cheating on her.

"Stockholm Syndrome"

Jonathan Ames, a New York writer, is having difficulties writing his second novel - when his girlfriend, Suzanne, breaks up with him because he is an alcoholic pothead. Watch this story unravel as Jonathan decides to moonlight as an unlicensed private detective on HBO's new comedy series, Bored to Death.

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Bored to Death Season 1 Quotes

Men face reality. Women don't. That why men need to drink.


I've always been intrigued by Stockholm Syndrome. Make me think of my childhood.