Greek Recap: "Lost and Founders"

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On last night's episode of Greek, Jordan is feeling lost in life, while the ZBZ girls seek donations from alumni during their founders weekend - hence, the title "Lost and Founders."

This week, Greek delivers another fantastic episode with plenty of ZBZ sisterly drama, romance, and of course plenty of humorous quips from Cappie. 

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Jake McDorman, Greek

Here's a rundown of our favorite Greek quotes from the hour:

Ashley: This weekend is all about charm, flattery, and shameless butt-kissing. | permalink
Cappie: Friends are fun. I think Plato said that... or Elmo. | permalink
Jordan: School's not for everyone.
Rusty: Well it should be. | permalink
Rebecca: I guess rich people are more comfortable with cheating than hypocrisy. | permalink
Cappie: Put your money in your sock, never eat from a cart, and never ever trust anyone like me.
| permalink
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