Melrose Place Music from "Windsor"

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Jo Reynolds returned to Melrose Place last night, while Riley's breasts (sort of) made their first appearance on the show.

We encourage fans to review our detailed review of "Windsor" and also to visit our Melrose Place music section for a complete look at the singles played on the series this week.

Back on the Show

TV Fanatic offers viewers an opportunity that can't be found on any other fansite on the Net: the (quick and easy) ability to purchase songs from your favorite shows.

Below, for instance, we've listed a few singles heard on last night's Melrose Place episode. Just click on the iTunes link to make them yours...

  • Friendly Fire - "Kiss Of Life" Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life - Single - Kiss of Life
  • Esmee Denters - "Outta Here" Esmée Denters - Outta Here - Single - Outta Here
  • Howie Day - "40 Hours" Howie Day - Sound the Alarm (Bonus Track Version) - 40 Hours

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I've never seen a dead body before.


David: I have a life right now that doesn't include you.
Sydney: So, why are you here?