Modern Family Review: "Coal Digger"

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Normally every episode of Modern Family starts off with three different plotlines that seem to merge into one at the end.  Don't get us wrong, we normally love that formula.

However, on last night's episode the show jumped right into the whole family getting together much earlier, and we felt the show really shined.  The strength of this show is the characters and their bizarre situation.  Sticking them all in Jay's house to watch a football game was perfect.

Jay, Cameron and Mitchell

If you want to catch up on the individual events of the episode, read our recap of "Coal Digger," but in short, the episode revolved around Claire and Gloria fighting while the rest of the family tried to watch the game.

Now for some of our favorite Modern Family quotes from the episode:

Mitchell: Come on, you love scrap-booking.
Cameron: Did I Mitchell? Did I? [Leaves room]
Mitchell: No, stop. Don't do the double question to prove a point thing. I hate it when people do that.
Cameron [holds Lily outside the door]: Do you Mitchell? Do you?
Mitchell: Stop Lily | permalink
Jay: I don't like watching football with people that don't care about the game, they talk
Manny: You talk during my football games
Jay: For one thing it's called soccer and your team scored two goals all season, I'm not risking much | permalink
Haley: Can I have forty dollars for lunch?
Claire: Forty dollars?
Haley: I also need a book for school.
Claire: A book?
Haley: I want a dress.
Claire: Do you have any idea what a bad liar you are?
Alex: I'd be more worried that she couldn't come up with a single book title | permalink

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jay: No, see this is exactly why we sweep things under the rug. So, people don't get hurt.
Phil: Well, yeah, until you sweep too much under the rug. Then you have a lumpy rug... creates a tripping hazard...and open yourself up to lawsuits. Boy, you can go a really long time without blinking

Claire likes to say "You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution." But I happen to believe you can be both