Brothers & Sisters Review: "The Wine Festival"

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There were six separate story lines intertwining on Brothers & Sisters last night, which always seems appropriate for such a huge family. Also appropriately, some ended well, some did not, while some featured plenty of drama and some none at all.

A lot like real life. Click here for a full recap of "The Wine Festival." Below, we've written a brief review of each of the characters' story lines and why they worked or didn't ..

Kitty & Robert: Kitty's rocking a shaggy, blonde wig these days and Robert is all over that. She worries it's all about the wig, and that he's pretending she is someone else.

But he's not. When she shows him her bald head as a test, he doesn't bat an eye. He loves her for so many reasons that have nothing to do with her hair, he says. Swoon.

Sarah & Luc: Sarah wants Luc to design the label for the Walkers' new wine. Because he is so laid back, he can't fathom why she wants him to commercialize his talent.

Sarah being Sarah, she asks where this is going, how he will get a visa to stay in the U.S., etc. Luc being Luc, he paints ... to paint. He doesn't want her to be his agent.

In the end, she tells him she loves him and will support him no matter what. But he goes back to France anyway. Bad move, Luc. You don't know what you're missing.

Luc and Sarah

Gilles Marini's run came to an end last night as Luc returned to France.

Kevin & Scotty: They're researching the perfect egg donor. Predictably, Scotty wants a healthy kid and that's it, while Kevin goes OCD trying to craft the perfect child.

Saul puts it in perspective with a great metaphor: Like wines, all children are unique, unpredictable and shaped by their caretakers. Kevin lets Scotty pick at random.

Nora & Simon: Our favorite story line of the night, and one you don't see addressed on other shows: Widowed mother of five Nora struggling on the dating scene.

She and Simon are going well, but the age difference clearly bothers her. He tells her it's not going to work as long as she lives in a safe little box. That one hurt.

In one of our favorite Brothers & Sisters quotes, Nora insists to Simon that she doesn't live in a safe little box, but she could embrace more of his attitude as well.

Justin & Rebecca: Justin is stressed over a med school test and can't make time for Rebecca. She can't find the time to tell him she's pregnant. He's, like, so busy.

Please. You're marrying the guy. He has a right to know. Okay, so he said he doesn't want kids three weeks ago. That'll change in two seconds. Man up, Rebecca!

The Wine Festival Picture

The Walkers' wine won big ... until shady Ryan ruined everything.

Saul, Holly & Ryan: After Saul actually loves the new, inexpensive wine and wants to enter it in the local wine festival, Holly is thrilled. This is her last chance to succeed.

She's even more excited when it does really well, and it's looking like her business and personal financial prospects are finally turning around. But Ryan is not as thrilled.

He wants the company to fail, after all. The annoying little sleaze.

After the success of the festival, Ojai is planning to roll out the wine ASAP. But Dennis York tells Ryan if they do, he'll never gain control of Ojai. Ryan needs to fix this, now.

Oh, and fix it he did. Holly and Saul find all the wine drained out of its tanks. Holy crap. Kid better skip town and change his name. It's gotta be obvious who did it, right?

Seriously, that's got to be at least somewhat difficult to pull off, right? This isn't just a box of Franzia where you leave the tap open. Oh, and are there no cameras in there?

Logistical plot holes aside, it was a solid story and episode.

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Kitty: Don't you have anything to say?
Robert: Yeah ... it's good to be home.

[to Kitty] I love you... for reasons that have nothing to do with your hair.