Cougar Town Review: "Here Comes My Girl"

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After seeing the pilot of Cougar Town, we never though we'd ever hear ourselves say this, but we love this show.  When the sitcom towns down the cougar and put together this amazing ensemble cast, you get what we had this week, a perfect episode.

Thanksgiving in Cougar Town

Sure there were moments when "Here Comes My Girl" got dangerously close to being too cheesy, but what can you expect during a Thanksgiving episode?  We absolutely loved the Jules and Travis bonding moments and need to see more.  In the past we really have just seen Bobby and Travis bonding.

While we felt Grayson admitting he could see himself with Jules in the future was a little forced, we love every other piece of dialogue revolving around this from Ellie calling the boys Andy's boyfriends to them fighting it out in the basketball court.  As we said before, it was overall a perfect example of what Cougar Town can and should be.

While there were plenty of quotes from the episode, we're going to leave you with Travis' amazing plea to his family to be normal where he nailed everyone.

Travis: I'm about to bring Kylie in so I need you all to act like normal human beings. I know it's going to be hard but I can help. Mrs. Torres, Kylie doesn't have an eating disorder, she runs cross country, so think of a new opening question. Mr. Torres, I don't care how much you eat, let's keep our pants buttoned. Laurie, your breasts are bigger than hers. There I said it, you don't need to tell her. Neighbor guy, I see you brought your fruity little guitar, let's keep that holstered. Mom, you have multiple problem areas so when it doubt just say to yourself that's a bad idea. Dad, I think we both know it's best if you don't say anything. | permalink

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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Grayson: So you're having the whole gang over turkey day, huh?
Jules: Well
Grayson: I don't really have any plans since my wife left and all our friends were pretty much her friends. And both my parents are dead....
Ellie: Did they die in the last six months?
Jules: No.
Ellie: Then who cares? Hand me my drink.

Jules: The sales after Thanksgiving this year are going to be insane. We're talking full on shopping orgy.
Laurie: We are gonna save so much money by spending.