Major Changes Coming to Glee?

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Glee is one of the highest-rated new shows on TV. It's a critical favorite and has garnered talk of Emmy nominations.

Still, in an interview this week with The Los Angeles Times, creator Ryan Murphy hinted that major changes might be on the way.

Referencing "Wheels" - the most recent episode that took on a serious tone and dealt with issues such as handicap access and Down Syndrome - Murphy said:

"After this, it remains a comedy, and it’s fun. But writing this made me feel the responsibility of showing the truth of the pain that outcasts go through. It’s not all razzle-dazzle show business. It’s tough, and it’s painful, and it was for me growing up, and it is for most people. I think this made me realize that amid the fun and the glamour, it’s really great now and again to show the underbelly of what people who are different feel.”

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We just hope Glee doesn't take on the judgmental, preaching tone of an after-school special.

There's room for heart and humor, as the Kurt-centric episode "Preggers" proved.

Fortunately, it sounds like Murphy recognizes this. He concluded the newspaper article by saying:

“This is a comedy first and foremost. But we see the obligation to go deeper. This isn’t just a genre show to me. It’s about the desperate need for a place in the world and how we all fit in and how hard it is for some people to get by."

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