Modern Family Review: "En Garde"

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After last week's somewhat disappointing episode, we were glad to see Modern Family was on point again this week.  Our major criticism of last week's episode was that the families' storylines were not intertwined.

This week, all three families gathered together for Manny's fencing tournament.  When Claire and Mitchell saw their father's pride in Manny, it brought up hidden feelings in both of them.

The Family Watches

It caused Claire and Phil to look at each of their kids, and in particular, Luke to find out what they could excel in.  Meanwhile, Mitchell was reminded of his figure skating career with Claire that was cut short.  You can find out what the two siblings did in our "En Garde" recap.

Overall the best moments were with the family coming together and we loved it.  We've heard criticism from around the web that the voiceovers and shared themes are cheesy.  To those people we say find another show because we're pretty sure Modern Family is sitcom heaven to us.

Here's some of our favorite Modern Family quotes from the episode:

Claire: Luke already is the best at something. Being my son ... That sounded a lot less lame in my head. | permalink
Mitchell: You had your own moments. You had cheerleading, and high school plays, and making out with the quarterback...
Claire: Oh come on, you made out with him, too.
Mitchell: Yeah, but we had to keep it a secret. | permalink
Jay: When I first heard Manny wanted to fence I was like sure, uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon, how could this go wrong?
Gloria: What do you think now?
Jay: I'm proud of our little Zorro | permalink
Mitchell: Just the emerald city at the end of my yellow brick road
Cameron: Wow you did it
Mitchell: What?
Cameron: You made figure skating sound even gayer. | permalink

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Alex: Did you know fencing goes back to the 12th century?
Haley: You know what's even nerdier than fencing? knowing when it began
Luke: I don't think you're a nerd, Alex
Alex: Shut up dork

Gloria [about Manny]: It's in his blood. His father was a master swordsman. He was an artist with his sword! I mean, the way he throws the sword, I mean, he was legendary
Jay: You know it's a nice moment I'm having with your son, you're kind of wrecking it