V Review: "There Is No Normal Anymore"

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On the second episode of V, both Chad and Tyler tried to get in well with a pair of female Visitors.

Also, Ryan faced his past once more and Erica dealt with a pressing present. Read through our recap of "There Is No Normal Anymore" and let us know your thoughts on the episode.

It was a solid follow-up to a great series premiere, with the exception of Erica and Jack's storyline. It didn't really go anywhere. By the end of the episode, they were back to where they started: don't trust anyone. Build a resistance movement.

But at least the hour concluded with a major reason why this movement is needed: Dale is alive, which means more Alan Tudyk, which means more awesomeness!

Jack and Erica

We're also intrigued by the pairing of Erica and Jack itself. How often do you see a FBI agent and a priest team up?

Ryan and Chad, meanwhile, offer intriguing moral dilemmas: does true love entail abandoning your fiancee in order to protect her? How far should you go to advance a career you've worked hard at?

On its surface, V is an action-packed drama that deals with alien takeover of the planet. But the show's best hope at succeeding - and separating itself from countless movies that have already navigated this territory - is too anchor itself in these kinds of ethical, everyday decisions. We can't relate to spaceships hovering over our city, but we can relate to obstacles and secrets in a relationship.

Through two episodes, this V mission has been very much accomplished. We can't wait for next week.


  • Their plans have been well-known by their entire species. When Ryan spoke to Marcus, he said the invasion wasn't supposed to happen... yet. These raises two questions: when was it supposed to happen? And what does he know about it?
  • They love torture. They can also manifest the worst fears of human beings, as they do to a would-be resistance members when snakes appear on his torso during an interrogation.
  • They don't always agree. Anna snapped at Marcus: ''You still don't understand humanity" as they discussed her wardrobe. Might these two have different plans for us humans?

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V Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jack: You're an FBI agent?
Erica: You're a friggin'priest?

I have to show Anna she's not the only one to get what she wants. When I'm done she'll be the one calling me.