Community Review: "The Politics of Human Sexuality"

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We'll admit it, we got scared when Abed said he was going to tone down his pop culture references on this week's episode of Community.  Abed's meta jokes and pop culture references are some of the finest humor on the joke.

Britta and Shirley Help Annie

Luckily, Abed was merely bluffing because not only did he reference Over the Top, he used Lincoln Hawk's signature over the top move while arm wrestling Troy.  Granted Gossip Girl beat Community to the punch when they named Rufus' band Lincoln Hawk, but we'll take any reference to this horrible 80s movie we can get.

The focus of the episode, however, was not just Abed and Troy's constant athletic competitions, but the STD fair.  Annie was busy helping the dean and was rewarded with the chance to place a condom on an anatomically correct doll in front of the whole school.  Oh boy.

As to be expect with any event put on at Greendale, it was an utter failure when the "Greendale!" he had printed on every condom caused them to leak.  How did we find out they were leaking?  When drunk students used them for a water balloon fight, of course!

The STD fair may have been a disaster, but at least Jeff slowly got to learn his age thanks to Pierce and his escort date.  Wow, the events of the episode sound really silly when you write them down.  Kind of like in our "The Politics of Human Sexuality" recap.  Some how on screen, they work, and this episode worked really well.

Now for some of the Community quotes from the episode:

Pierce: At some point a man stops looking for a place to hang his underwear and starts looking for a place to hang his hat.
Jeff: I'm sorry I was waiting for that to become inappropriate or racist. | permalink
Jeff: Just this morning as I was shaving while listening to some Jay-Z, I was thinking about going for a gallop.
Secretary: Do you own a horse?
Jeff: Can you ever really own a horse? | permalink
Shirley [to Annie]: Being a Virgin in this day and age is something to be proud of, you're like a unicorn. | permalink
Troy [to Abed]: it's impossible to guard you, your eyes are too gentle and mysterious. | permalink

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Community Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

it's impossible to guard you, your eyes are too gentle and mysterious.

Troy [to Abed]

Jeff [reading cookie]: You got AIDs, unless you go to the Greendale STD fair.
Annie: I wrote that.
JefF: Congratihorrible.