24 Round Table: Eighth Season Premiere

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The first two hours of 24 have come and gone.

On some ways, a lot has changed: CTU is based on New York and Jack is now killing people with an axe. In others, it's exactly the same: Jack has chosen country over family and is running a rogue-like operation with only Chloe on ops.

What did you think of the eighth season premiere? As we do for so many shows, the TV Fanatic staff has gathered to analyze various 24 developments. Reader feedback is always encouraged...

Give Kim a grade.
M.L. House: A. She didn't get caught in a single animal trap. Amazing.

Dr. Shepherd: B Minus. She offered mature advice and looked really good. I'd have given her a much higher grade... but she's still Kim Bauer.

The Barnacle: D. For the inevitable guilt trip she'll give her father and for whatever way she's bound to get in the way as the season progresses.

24 RT - depreciated -

Which new character will be killed first?
M.L. House: We all know this is coming. The show always introduces a new, seemingly important character - and then kills him/her off within the first few episodes to make an impact. I vote for Arlo, the CTU programmer.

Dr. Shepherd: Hassan's brother. The assassination dudes will kill Farhad to silence him, while Hassan will mourn his sibling's death, unware of the reasons behind it and the role Farhad was playing in his the plans for his demise.

The Barnacle: Brian Hastings. When has being the head of CTU ended well for anyone?

Least surprising development: The chopper getting blown up in hour one, or Meredith Reed turning out not to be the traitor?
M.L. House: Again, these are 24 mainstays: the informant that gets killed before he can confess everything and the red herring of a mole. Still, I'm not complaining. It's comforting that some things never change.

Dr. Shepherd: Call me naive, but I still get shocked by 24 from time to time. I was taken aback when the helicopter blew up.

The Barnacle: It depends how you define "traitor." Ms. Reed sure turned her back on the integrity of her profession by sleeping with an interview subject!

Are Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prince Jr. off to a good start?
M.L. House: Yes. I was especially impressed by Prince. He hasn't been asked to do much, but I buy him as the next Chase-like protege to Jack. Let's just hope he gets to keep his arm.

Dr. Shepherd: Sorry, but Sackhoff will always be Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica to me. I expect her past identity to be that of a Cylon.

The Barnacle: They're off to a better start than Chloe's new hairstyle. What's going on there, girlfriend?!?

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