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Sarah is getting some attitude from Paige. Paige isn't keen on her mother helping out at her science fair. Sarah asks her brothers to help.

Before the fair, Kevin and Scotty find out that their sperm has created eight possible embryos. Five Kevin's, three Scotty's.

Kevin's competitive nature moves to boasting after he hears the news and Scotty gets visibly annoyed by his behavior.

When Kevin helps Paige with her science project (creating electricity from lemons), he channels his competitive nature.

He bumps it up a few notches from her idea of powering a small light to a dancing robot.

Scotty finds out that several of the embryos haven't matured correctly. The faulty ones are Kevin's. Kevin then funnels his feelings of inadequacy into Paige's project, as well. It falls apart.

Paige blames Sarah's motherly meddling, but Kevin apologizes to her. He explains that when he was young, he always overcompensated.

At Ojai Foods, Saul asks Holly not to pursue charges on Ryan in regards to ruining their wine. She decides to approach Dennis to buy her shares from her. After she brings him up to an incredibly high offer, Holly wonders about his motives.

After Justin's advisor tells him to consider dropping out of med school, Justin lashes out at Rebecca and Kevin. He's frustrated, because no matter how hard he studies for exams, he still does poorly on them.

At the science fair, Rebecca steers Justin to a science project by a boy with a learning disability, who has created a project to illustrate how information isn't being read correctly by the brain. Justin decides that maybe he, too, has a learning disability and should be tested.

After disappearing soon after Nora gave him a huge donation, Simon turns up again.

Sarah discovers a photo of Simon with another wealthy older woman and tries to warn her mother, but Nora isn't receptive.

The next day, Sarah walks in on Nora and Simon having lunch. Turns out Nora has discovered the same photo Sarah did. She contacted the woman and found out that she, too, had donated money to one of Simon's causes.

Nora finds out that Simon took the woman's money and disappeared. Nora arranged for Simon to be arrested!

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