Cougar Town Review: "Scare Easy"

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We were sad to see it, but this week's episode, "Scare Easy," was Scott Foley's last guest starring episode of his three episode arc on Cougar Town.  We've come to love Foley's character, Jeff, and thought him and Jules made a great couple and really took the lame cougar out of the otherwise funny Cougar Town.

So what happened to this great couple?  In the polar opposite of the typical stereotypes, Jeff was ready to settle down, while Jules was still looking to be independent.  Given what we've learned about these two character so far, it was actually very realistic and we liked the way they summed up break ups in the voiceover.  Things do normally just fizzle out.  No dramatic music.

Jules and Jeff Kiss

Meanwhile, the B story involved a much odder pairing as Grayson attempted to stop Laurie from having revenge sex, only to hook up with her himself.  Obviously, at some point Grayson will end up with Jules, but even in the meanwhile we can't picture this intermediate pairing actually working.  Boo.  We were still hoping for a more cougar pairing of Laurie and Travis.

So for an episode that unmathced one of our favorite couples and put together a mismatched one, what did we think?  Well there were enough funny bits, including a dream sequence of Jules and Ellie as a couple, to make the episode entertaining.  We forgive the relationships.

Now for our favorite Cougar Town quotes from Scott Foley's final episode:

Bobby: The paint can game is the greatest thing I've ever created in my life.
Travis: And thank you dad. | permalink
Bobby: Come on T-bone, you can take my ride.
Travis: You know putting golf cart keys on a Ferrari keychain doesn't make it a Ferrari?
Bobby: I was being ironic. | permalink
Bobby: You get a tiny leak in a dam, you gotta plug it up real quick or you'll be in a car with no breaks traveling down trouble highway.
Grayson: Wait, is the highway flooded? Where is this dam? You are mixing metaphors like a crazy person. | permalink
Travis: Are there really women out there that will have sex with me just because they're mad about something?
Laurie: Oh yeah, for sure.
Travis: This is very exciting news.
Laurie: You know there are also girls that will sleep with you because their friends are prettier.
Travis: This just keeps getting better. | permalink

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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Bobby: The paint can game is the greatest thing I've ever created in my life.
Travis: And thank you dad.

Jeff: The stay at home and drink date? Always dangerous. Alcohol makes it hard for you to filter yourself.
Jules: You'd make a pretty girl.
Jeff: And we're off.
Jules: Seriously, I have a skirt that's a little too big for me and God knows you have the legs. All we have to do is shave you down and then tuck some stuff back.
Jeff: No tucking.