Press Tour Recap: Lost Panel Previews Season Six, Reveals Casting News

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It was the panel all TV critics were waiting for.

So far at the 2010 winter press tour, we've heard about Kathy Bates appearing on The Office and Elena possibly striking up a romance with Damon on The Vampire Diaries.

But everyone has been anticipating scoops and Lost spoilers from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for, well, obvious reasons. That said, here's a summation of all that was discussed at the most well-attended panel of the week..

  • Cynthia Watros and Harold Perrineau will eventually reprise their roles as Libby and Michael, respectively.
  • As we move closer to the February 2 premiere date, ABC will start shooting footage from season six on commercials.
  • How will Evangeline Lilly react when it's all over? "I am going to cry like a baby when this show ends... It's been so intense that for it to come to an end is going to be life-changing."
Lost Panel
  • Terry O'Quinn on when he knew Locke was dead: "I knew when you knew, in the story. And it was easier to play whoever Locke is now before I knew I wasn't playing Locke."
  • Jorge Garcia on his favorite moments filming: "For me, running away from an exploding plane wing is always going to be a memory. And when the comet hits Mr. Cluck's, and I'm lying there, and they're throwing raw chicken parts at me."
  • Lindelof on the series finale: "There are some who will say it's the worst ending in TV history, and to balance that out over here... my mom."

And, on that light moment, we'll simply remind fans of what everyone should know by now: Season six of Lost premieres on February 2.

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