Private Practice Review: "Best Laid Plans"

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Thursday night's episode of Private Practice was fairly predictable as far as the primary storyline was concerned, but still had some memorable, well-acted scenes.

If you missed it or need a refresher on the details, here's our episode guide to last night's Private Practice. Now here's our take on the events of "Best Laid Plans" ...

For whatever reason, TV shows will not feature a character getting an abortion. Past abortions people reflect upon are okay, but present-day ones don't happen.

Take it to the bank. For whatever reason, this is the last taboo, so you knew that Maya would not actually terminate her pregnancy, despite coming thisclose. Weak.

We're not saying we favor abortions, we just wouldn't mind a show taking a different tack. Let's say Maya has Addison perform the abortion instead. Will she regret it? Will her parents?

Will she tell the guy? What is the emotional fallout?

We'll never know, because she chooses life! As Naomi marches Maya in to see Dell helping a patient give birth, in hopes of freaking her out, she is enchanted!

Talk about predictable and cliched.


Pregnant Maya gets slapped by Naomi as Sam reacts in disbelief.

Naomi then pulls a Violet and runs away from Sam, because she just can't deal! Sam, in turn, confronts and threatens Dink, who didn't know Maya was pregnant. Oops.

Meanwhile, Violet tries to get the hospital to stop sending her free samples of baby products because she "is no longer a mother." A man who just lost his wife overhears.

He thinks she means her baby died and begins opening up to her. Violet doesn't correct him, since she sees it helps the grieving guy talk about it as he tries to move on.

Ultimately, she does come clean, but helps him finally leave the hospital.

Charlotte and Cooper stay broken up and say more mean things to each other for the 127th consecutive week. A cute scene came when Violet offered her a place to stay.

Throughout the night, Pete helps Fife make sure an Afghanistan veteran gets to keep his robotic arm despite an infection incurred when he had a bolt attached to his arm.

Painful as that was to watch, it was neat seeing Pete and Fife clash over the risks - and how far they'd both be willing to go to on behalf of a patient who wanted it so bad.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? Comment away!

Best Laid Plans Review

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