The Mentalist Review: "Rose-Colored Glasses"

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Who doesn't just love a good ole high school reunion?! The Mentalist started off 2010 with a bang. In Rose-Colored Glasses, Jane and Lisbon were off to a 15-year high school reunion to investigate a double murder.

Our take on it? it's hard to believe someone like Willa was able to pull off a double murder. It's funny how it is always the ones that you least suspect. Our money was definitely riding on LJ...oh well, I guess we should stick with our day jobs!

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On a side note, let's discuss high school reunions. Everyone has them, but not everyone attends. These days, not only do we have ten and twenty year ones, but we also have five and fifteen. What gives?!

Not to sound like a pessimist or anything, but what really is the point? With Facebook, MySpace, and even Twitter, you can get practically minute by minute updates from the same people you didn't really even like or speak to in high school.

So my question for ya'll is did you go? Would you go? Patrick is right on his money when saying that no one changes. The whole point for reunions is to show off what you have now or what you have become.  Personally, I think it's just a waste of time.

On a happier note, how great was it to see Jane and Lisbon have a moment together? There definitely is something brewing. We hope to see these two shack it up! Also, the small gestures between Van Pelt and Rigsby weren't enough for us! We want some steamy love scenes paaah-leese!

Rigsby playing Mr. Cool was also a highlight for the night. But, no one comes out with the quips as good as our main man Patrick. A few of our favorite The Mentalist quotes are:

Jane: (regarding the fight that broke out between Phil and LJ) Yes, but souls are healed. This was a cathartic experience. | permalink

Jane: Everyone here is trying to show so hard how they changed. | permalink

Jane: Keep it in the dojo Phil. | permalink

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